The Best Checklist of Premium Packing Ideas!

You have got a move planned from Mumbai to Chennai with the packers and movers in Mumbai! Well, congratulations that you are finally gearing up to move into your new home, which you purchased 6 months ago but somehow couldn’t finalize a suitable date for moving in, because the experts were unavailable. But now that everything is falling into perspective, you are intrigued to check out some moving advice and packing ideas and that is why you have landed up on this page! Well, good to see you here and we can assure, you that you will come across some really unusual and unique details about packing supplies, packing tactics, moving guides, etc. Keep your notepad aside to make some quick notes of the points that you find useful and practical! 1. How to know the number of moving boxes you will need? If you are not sure how many moving boxes would be enough to hold your goods from the entire household, then you should first think through how much you are planning to move with you. It is simple math – the count of goods, the size of goods you move decides the number of moving boxes or packages you will have. You may think of this question as an impractical topic of discussion but it certainly is important because this is something that eventually determines your moving load and also your moving expenses consequently!
2. The factors determining the number of moving boxes Now whatever we mentioned in the previous question is a simple, straightforward answer that anyone can retort but let’s get a bit deep into the other crucial factors that determine the number of cartons you may have from your household. For instance – the size of your household – goods of a 2BHK and 3BHK would entirely be different for obvious reasons. Similarly, a family of 4 members and a joint family with 8-10 members would have contrasting counts of goods. Therefore, there are several factors that decide the number of moving cartons a household may fit into.

Other factors that decide the count of boxes you will need are:

• The size of boxes you choose for your goods • The evaluation you do before buying them in a specific number

Note: A quick house tour is important – not just to figure out the count of moving boxes but also to define everything that is there in the space. The moment you start a walkthrough, you will see everything that you should pack for the move. The furniture, the appliances, the electronic devices, etc. that are there but somehow are too complicated to be evaluated and calculated should be gone through. At the same time, you should do a clean-up and de-cluttering of your space and give away the unnecessary and obsolete things. 3. Where and who do you get the moving boxes and other packing supplies from?

To get your goods packed in the most efficient way, you need to have all the right packing materials with you. You can arrange the materials first and then when the time comes and you get ready to pack your goods, you should bring the supplies to use. Whenever there is a move, everyone thinks of saving money wherever they can, because moves are inherently expensive and there is a certain expense that you have to make if you are considering a move in your lifetime. But when you are sourcing the packing resources, you can try saving some penny. But, how? Ask the moving professionals you have hired or are planning to book for your move. All the registered movers are partnered with good vendors that can source them quality packing supplies. If you are getting the materials from the company, you can be at ease with their quality because you will have the liberty to inquire with the team in case something is out of place. But yes, one has to spend a considerably high amount for the materials if they get it from the company but this equally promises that the quality of the materials remains uncompromised.

In some cases, there is no scene of third-party involvement but the company simply has its own manufacturing unit where the company resources are prepared. So, there are a lot of things and several factors affecting the packing materials cost. This often gives customers a good reason to get the materials from local shops, second-hand stores, or online marketplace. Here, even if the materials remain available at a low rate but one cannot be sure of their quality of it.

Note: After all the evaluation is done, you should decide how you want to go about it and quickly think of where you want to get the packing materials from. Keep a set monetary amount aside that you will spend for getting the resources

4. Things to know about packing stocking packing materials – When you choose to get the supplies from the professionals, they bring them when they come over for the packing task. If you are willing to pack your goods yourself, you then have to collect the materials at your place and utilize them when you are working on the task. Always collect the packing items in surplus and especially the mandatory ones like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, stretch wraps, packing peanuts, vacuum bags, packing paper, etc. in the required amount so you do not keep running to shops to get them until the last minute.

Also, take a minute to check the tips shared below:

• Packing should always be done proficiently, never in hurry. • For professional packing assistance, seeking expert help is advised. • Get corrugated, double-walled, and special boxes for packing the delicate. • Have packing peanuts, bubble wraps, foam sheets, and stretch wraps before you start packing. • Protect every article in your household, no matter what. Cushioning is very important. • When you get moving insurance, know everything that is covered in it.

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